5 best hiking boots review for men and women


This is my first blog review for any products I hope you find it informative please leave a comment if you like it or you have any questions I will do my best to answer.

So firstly, the right protection on your feet for hiking is really important here in the snowdonia mountains & surrounding areas.

First up you need to decide wether you want leather or fabric.

Leather boots are heavier than fabric, but will last for years if you care for them properly.

When they are new they can be very stiff and uncomfortable, like lots of shoes, when you first wear them.

But they will mold to your feet over time, try putting potatoes in your new boots! I have heard they can soften the leather quicker, dont quote me on this, I have never tried it my self let me know if it works for you.

Fabrics are easier and more comfy as they are softer and lighter, but not as robust obviously. They feel more like having trainers on, it is a matter of personal taste, but also what you plan on doing in them. Light or heavy walking or hiking.

If you plan on hiking all year round, high cut boots are the best option for you, they are better supported and warmer on your feet.

For summer lower cut hiking boots might be your best option. I have lower cut fabric walking shoes which are suitable for me as i don,t walk or hike that often.

These are also good for walking around towns, and cities As it rains quite a bit here in wales and keep your feet dry without being too heavy on your feet.

always try on any boots you are going to be walking in with hiking socks on if you order them online make sure you purchase some socks to go with your boots to try on you won,t be able to return the socks but you can return the boots if they dont fit or try them on in the shop then order them on line as it is usally cheaper to find them on line.

also check you can wiggle your toes with the boots on and that they feel comfortable

so I have written up a little review about a few differant brands of boots out there.

If there are any brands you would like me to investigate please let me know and I will do a review for them too.

It seems the brand buzz word to look for is VIBRAM which is a patented name they do soles which are tough and bouncy hard wearing & boots treated with CORTEX sometimes written GTX is another name to look out for when purchasing your boots it is a reliable water proofing agent. often companies use there own similar coatings make sure the pair you buy claim to be water proof not just water resistant. There is a big differance which you would find out if you went hiking in the rain for a while!