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Mach loop Junkies part 2

Hello everyone,

I am going to post some info for all you mach loop fans for the dates of MAY If you are interested in any more info please let me know.

The table below sets out the timetable for use of the three Tactical Training Areas (TTA) used for operational low flying training by fast jets and Hercules transport aircraft. Operational low flying is an essential skill and is practised by fixed wing aircraft between 100ft and 250ft; a more representative altitude at which pilots would fly in a combat scenario. The final decision to use a TTA is taken on the day itself as this kind of training can only take place when weather conditions allow. While it is likely some of the slots will not be used, no additional times will be added to those already booked.

When a TTA is active, routine low flying by other military users can take place between 500ft and 2000ft. When the TTA is not in use standard low flying training is permitted down to 250ft and helicopters down to ground level. Late spring and summer are the busiest times for low flying as squadrons make full use of good weather to carry out their training.

The three TTA are:

LFA 7(T) - Central Wales LFA 14(T) - Northern Scotland LFA 20(T) - the borders area of Southern Scotland and Northern England

LFA 7 (T) LFA 14 (T) LFA 20 (T)

Monday1200 - 13001100 – 1200 1500 - 1600 1100 - 1200

Tuesday1200 - 13001100 - 12001100 – 1200 1300 - 1400

Wednesday1100 - 12001000 – 1100 1200 - 1300 1200 - 1300

Thursday1100 - 12001200 - 13001100 – 1200 1200 - 1300

Friday1100 - 12001000 – 1100 1200 - 13001000 – 1100 1500 - 1600

I hope this helps it is very difficult to predict the times of the planes and wether they will fly at all depends on a number of factors

I have been emailed some pics from one of my guests who comes regularly from Belguim to watch & take great pics of the planes. The pics he sent me are from last year I hope you enjoy them.

Here you can see the guys hanging out on the mountain waiting for the planes to come through.

Here is one of the many planes that come through the mach loop.

Here is a hercules, When I hear this plane go over us It has such a thunderous roar & looks to me like a shark if you took the wings off of course ha ha Just what I think of it.

This one is a ground attack aircraft.

This is a Saab Jas 39 gipen I think just going by what details i have been sent feel free to correct me on this & also what some of the other planes are I do not claim to be an expert on any of this.

Mcdonald douglas 15 eagle.

These fly over quite regularly usually come in twos.

Military Helicopter. Very noisy when these come over head!

Boeing ch-47 chinook

Military helicopters. Here they come two by two.

These are from Aug 16 I know that these are the Red Arrows!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics I was very grateful for the pics & if you would like to ad some pics to my web page or my facebook page please get in touch & Iwould be please to add them.

Please leave a comment if you have any info or if you like my post look out for future posts of the Mach loop

bye for now



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