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So here we are in this beautiful location & what is better than peace & quiet, with just the birds singing & the trickling sound of the River Dovey in the garden. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful location.


There is no where better than here for quiet meditation & to be with one with nature, just kick off your shoes & walk on the morning dew grass feel the earth under your feet & just feel the energy of the earth beneath you.


In the hustle & bustle of the fast paced life that so many of us are in today, isn,t it nice just to get away from it all & just be at one with nature and also with the one you love. Just the two of you having a wonderful chill out time. Ever since we moved here I have always felt a calmness with my surroundings. we have had our ups & downs like everyone but you just sit & breath deeply for a while & all your pent up emotions & feelings just fade away.

There is something special about this place.

No matter what it is great to live in nature & wonderful to be able to share our serene place with people who enjoy nature.



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