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Hello everyone,


Thought I better let you know what is going on as far as the windows are concerned we are now waiting until the 28th Janauary as the windows were not already for the 21st of January this is a nightmare!!

We have now had the windows postponed 3 times now with not much concern given by Everest, they don,t seem to care that we are trying to run a business here. We may have to move people at the beginning of febuary now.

They have told us it will only take 5 days with 3 or 4 teams of people on it but I am not sure if they are telling the truth or just trying to pacify us.

We are putting in a complaint for the way we have been treated so far I just hope that the installation will be ok i will be filming it everyday, I will keep you all updated on here I have a utube channel as well which I will be putting the vids on & facebook.

I thought you all might like to see how this all turns out & keep you all up to date I just hope they get there act together, this is the biggest job Everest have done in this part of Wales or even in the whole of Wales! not sure but I do know it is one of the only commercia properties they have done here.

So you might have thought they would be a bit more caring about there customers.

Oh well, we will see how it turns out we have a lot for them to do not sure how this is going to work out. Apart from that we have not been able to finish the restaurant/ seating area yet as this is causing us a great headache so we are just waiting at the moment I am having to catch up with emails etc As we have had a lot going on in our private lives as well.

I will keep you posted We are still closed so the office is mainly unmanned if you would like to contact us you can email us at & when I am in the office from 6pm until 7pm I will answer any messages then. Sorry if this may be inconvenient for you. We will be back on track soon.


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