Hello everyone, I Thought I better let you know what is going on as far as the windows are concerned we are now waiting until the 28th Janauary as the windows were not already for the 21st of January this is a nightmare!! We have now had the windows postponed 3 times now with not much concern given by Everest, they don,t seem to care that we are trying to run a business here. We may have to move people at the beginning of febuary now. They have told us it will only take 5 days with 3 or 4 teams of people on it but I am not sure if they are telling the truth or just trying to pacify us. We are putting in a complaint for the way we have been treated so far I just hope that the installation wil


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! TO ALL OUR GUESTS OLD & NEW WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A PROSPEROUS & HAPPY YEAR. Hello from Sue Simon & team We hope you had a lovely relaxing Christmas break. So we are now in 2019 the time is flying by cannot believe that Simon & I have been in the Dolbrodmaeth for nearly 5 years now!! So an update on our new windows well what has happened so far is they have not arrived. What !! not arrived I hear you say, no not arrived. We were expecting the windows to be here on the 7th January but nothing, last week on Wednesday we had some guys come to put up the scaffolding. We were shocked to see them as we were told that the scaffolding was going up on the Friday we took this as a goo

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