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Hello from Sue Simon & team We hope you had a lovely relaxing Christmas break. So we are now in 2019 the time is flying by cannot believe that Simon & I have been in the Dolbrodmaeth for nearly 5 years now!!

So an update on our new windows well what has happened so far is they have not arrived. What !! not arrived I hear you say, no not arrived.

We were expecting the windows to be here on the 7th January but nothing, last week on Wednesday we had some guys come to put up the scaffolding.

We were shocked to see them as we were told that the scaffolding was going up on the Friday we took this as a good sign that all was on track how wrong we were.

Firstly they did not scaffold the front of the building as they were not told to do so,

so no clue as to how they are going to install the windows at the front of the building????? and secondly they came early as they know things always get messed up!!!

not such a good sign.

Anyway Friday came & we got a phone call saying the windows had not all been made on time and we won,t be able to have them installed until the 21st January now what!!!! noooooooooooooo

we have closed out the whole place and moved everything away from the walls etc now we have scaffolding up which looks awful,

but luckily you can,t see it from the road as obviously they only done the riverside part of the building.

But more to the point we have no guests!!!! and now we have to wait until the 21st january!!! we are not happy.

I hope this is not the start of things to come we will just have to wait and see.

Anyway i will finish decorating the restaurant/bar while we are closed & a few other decorating jobs around the place. Oh forgot to say...

We are also having patio doors put in as well which they wanted to do seperatley but we want all the jobs to be done at the same time otherwise we will have workmen coming and going for weeks on end can,t handle that!

ohh thats another thing first we were told the job would take 14 days which seems the right amount of time to me then we got a letter stating it would take 5 days no way!!! unless they had 20 people working on it at once! don,t think they have that amount of man power for one job.

So we will see what happens next! I will be videoing the actual installation so I hope for Everests sake they don,t mess that up could be a bit embarrssing for them!! especially as I will be sharing the progress of the installation on facebook!!

will keep you all updated about the progress if you would like to make a comment just click on the comment section or email us we would love to hear from you if you have similar stories to share about window companies especially Everest of course.

I don,t think they realise that this is a really big job & I am going to share every aspect of it with my friends & customers alike.

Hope you all have a good week I will be back in touch next week.

ps will attach a couple of pics so you can see the progress so far.

bye for now Suexx

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