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Hello everyone!

we want to let you all know what we are doing here at the Dolbrodmaeth Riverside.

We are having brand new Everest triple glazed windows and doors installed in late May to June which will only take 10 days to fit! Everest are so organised with the fitting we are looking forward to this . We are just waiting for the planning dept to approve our installation we are so excited as it will make such a lot of differance to the look of the place & will be so warm and cosy in the winter.

With triple glazed windows we will save money on oil heating which in turn will be great for the enviroment here in the Snowdonia National park & also for the planet! That is Very important !

So look out for the pics which we will be taking as the work begins through to the end. I will be keeping an update for you so look out for my future blog.

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