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Hello Everyone welcome to my new blog post this week I am very excited about the news I would like to share with you!!

As you can see by the title I am letting you all into behind the scenes to my kitchen.

I would like to help people with basic cooking skills all the way to holding a dinner party. it is great to be able to cook I love it & really miss not doing it but was not worth it for us, in the running the restaurant sense.

I have thought long & hard about this & decided that as I don,t run the restaurant anymore it would be a good idea to help people out with there cooking skills.

I would like to run cooking courses & one-day lessons for people who are interested in brushing up with there cooking skills or who want to learn from scratch how to cook, basic cooking skills, baking, desserts, etc, etc. So even though I don,t run the restaurant anymore...

this way people can come & stay have a nice break and learn something new in the kitchen a win-win situation as far as I am concerned. I get to meet my guests & spend quality time with them as well.

The sort of things on offer will be Learning to cook from scratch even if you can,t boil an egg!

Learning to cook can be one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time obviously food keeps you alive but to be able to cook tasty meals & snacks for yourself, family & friends, not only does it make you feel good when you prepare wonderful food for others to share. It can build confidence in yourself & self- esteem.

you get to make people happy & a good excuse for a get good together with family & friends!

What sort of things do you like cooking? let me know what your favorite meal is.

Want to try it?

Let me know in the comments below.

let me know what you think & I would love to make things that people would recommend.

This is the first video I made I have two others well it is one video but I split it into two Halves as it would have gone on a bit!

Also at the time my partner brought some vegetables that we had leftover upstairs in our apartment for me to use so made a random vegetable soup!

lookout for the cooking course,s coming soon. So if you are interested just message me below or email me.

I don,t normally measure things but obviously if I am going to teach others I will have to measure the ingredients out! gather the ingredients together then get started you can follow along withme if you like. my motto is always buy more than you need for the recipe you are doing so if all goes wrong you can start again!

The thing is when you want to learn something new a whole new load of problems comes about,

There are basics you should have in your cupboard or pantry I will go more in- depth into the basic,s you need & also the basic utensils & cooking pans you will need in a future blog post.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post & I hope you enjoy my videos.

See you soon

Sue x

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