Welcome to you all

Thank you for visiting our website it is great you are here!

 Hello to you all I am so Happy you are here!

A little bit about myself...

My name is Sue I own the business with my Partner Simon.

We have owned the Dolbrodmaeth since 2014 we have been working on her since we moved in we have been upgrading,Decorating changing Windows & doors, It is a work of love & dedication!

please look on my blog posts to see the latest updates for the works we have done & our plans for the future of the Dolbrodmaeth.

Please take a look around our website and if you would like to book there are several pages you can book on along with a special offer if you are interested.

I hope you enjoy your visit & please like us on facebook. I do facebook live videos on there with infomation about {Dolly} which is the name we affectionately call her.

She can be stubborn sometimes & also likes to surprise us especially when you have guests coming & something will just break or just not work when it was perfectly alright when I looked earlier!!

She is very homely & the Views from the Windows are amazing!!

We Have a few pet Chickens which are free to roam around the grounds They love visitors & have had there fare share of photo,s taken!

We just love the tranqulity Beautiful plants & trees.We have worked a lot on the Garden which is a work of love.We are surrounded by stunning views & I feel very lucky to wake up to these amazing views everyday!! Even when it is raining! We are surrounded by amazing Mountains & the wonderful River Dovey.

We would just love you to come & stay in this beautiful location with us!

check out our offers page to see our latest offers!

We are an Adult only bed & breakfast just right for a quiet weekend or mid week retreat with the one you love!

 Or just want piece & quiet with friends away from all the noise of everyday life.

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We are also on Facebook & Tweeter please let me know what your requirements are. I will endeavour to do my best to accommodate you.

Kind Regards